Mussel Shell Pendant, on chain


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Mussel shells line the beaches here in Maine, washed up in long, seaweed-tangled rows. I find them irresistible. At first glance, they look brown and bland, but holding them up to the sunlight reveals the loveliest hues of purple, blue, and white. I spend hours collecting these, and then many hours more cleaning the brown off of them and selecting the ones that are jewelry-grade. I break many of them along the way, but once they reach the jewelry-stage, they’re no more fragile than an opal or pearl. I sand them to reveal their natural colors (no color-enhancements here!), fill them with clear resin (for structural integrity, and to allow the light to pass through the translucent shells), and set them in sterling silver (or 22k gold, per request). Suspended on an 18″ silver chain. A bit of the Maine coast, to keep near your heart.

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