When I was a girl, I traveled from my home in Vermont to Deer Isle, Maine, for a vacation. It was here that I bought a handful of beads from a small gift shop, and assembled my first pair of earrings. The experience of creating my own jewelry was thrilling and satisfying, and despite my crude craftsmanship, I saw something for the first time: a manifestation of my own sense of aesthetic design.

Though subtle at the time, this experience proved to be an awakening for me, and the beginning of my life-long quest to create beautiful handmade objects that reflect my sense of design and aesthetic. This journey eventually brought me back to Maine, where I earned my BFA from the Maine College of Art, while frequenting the local seaside. I settled in the coastal Acadia area to raise my family and enjoy an abundance of natural inspiration.

  Today, I maintain a vibrant working studio in the heart of Ellsworth, Maine. My studio is bright and cheery, and even on the darkest winter days, it’s a welcoming space for creativity to flourish. In addition to the main studio where I design and hand craft each piece of jewelry, I have a classroom where I teach weekly and monthly classes, and a small display of my most current jewelry for sale. The studio and classroom are open to the public, and I welcome you to come by and see where the magic happens! 

Another driving force behind what I do is the unique process of connecting with a person who has been touched by my work and feels a personal connection to the jewelry. This is very rewarding for me, and most satisfying when I am able to see my creation adorning its new owner, someone who will likely cherish and care for it as I would. 

I hope that you enjoy your time here, amongst my work, and are pleased with what you see. Should you, too, feel a connection to a piece or two, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached a number of ways (please see Contact), and my work can be seen in numerous galleries around the state and country. If you’re in the Acadia area, please stop in and say hello!

Warmly, Nisa